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Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Brazilian Chicken Stroganoff


Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Brazilian Chicken Stroganoff, recipe from Page 44 of The Meal Prep Manual-1st Edition eBook.
I don’t make this meal nearly enough for my weekly preps. It’s always delicious and meets all of my criteria for what makes a good meal prep recipe. It is a bit adapted from the traditional Brazilian version to make it more macro and meal prep friendly but the same flavors are still there. Brazil is a completely overlooked country when it comes to food destinations. Everyone always thinks of France and Italy but two of the best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life were in São Paulo, Brazil. If you’re a food person and never been, it’s a must add to your visit list. ⠀
The difference between these two images is firstly in the rice. A smaller scoop on the left side and a full cup on the right. It seems like when I post these images there is always someone who gets worked up about how big the rice serving should be. It doesn’t matter as long as it fits inside your personal calorie goals. Calorie balance first. The right side also has a bit more of the meat mixture which lends to a product with more protein and fat. I like to spoon some of the sauce over the broccoli for extra flavor when I make this one but kept it off for the picture ?⠀
Keep in mind that no one meal will necessarily make you gain or lose weight. It’s about your relationship to calorie balance over time. These images are meant to help show you what kind of decisions you can make to sculpt your eating into fitting your goals. Everyone is different⠀
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