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Vegan Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen by @rabbitandwolves. ⁣⠀ .⁣⁣⁣⠀ .⁣⁣⁣⠀ ?FOLLOW @Chubb…


Vegan Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen by @rabbitandwolves. ⁣⠀
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2 Teaspoons Olive oil⠀⠀⁣⠀
3 Cloves Garlic, chopped⠀⠀⁣⠀
1 Teaspoon Ginger, grated⠀⠀⁣⠀
1 Teaspoon Green curry paste⠀⠀⁣⠀
4 Cups Vegetable broth, divided⠀⠀⁣⠀
1 Can(13oz.-14oz.) Coconut milk, full fat⠀⠀⁣⠀
1/2 Cup Peanut butter, natural or organic⠀⠀⁣⠀
2 Tablespoons Soy sauce⠀⠀⁣⠀
2 Tablespoons Agave syrup⠀⠀⁣⠀
Juice of 2 Limes⠀⠀⁣⠀
12 Ounces Ramen noodles⠀⠀⁣⠀
In a large pot, heat the olive oil on medium high. Then add the chopped garlic and grated ginger. Saute, reducing heat as needed for a minute or 2 to cook the garlic. ⠀⠀⁣⠀
Now, add the curry paste, and stir it into the garlic and ginger. Cook for another minute. ⠀⠀⁣⠀
Then add 3 cups of veggie broth and the coconut milk. Stir to combine everything. Reduce heat to low and simmer. ⠀⠀⁣⠀
Next, in a medium sized bowl, whisk together the remaining cup of broth and the peanut butter. I find this makes it easier to incorporate the peanut butter.⁣⠀
Now, add the peanut butter and broth to the pot and whisk to combine. ⠀⠀⁣⠀
Then add the soy sauce, agave and lime juice. Simmer on low for 5-10 minutes to develop the flavors. Taste and adjust seasonings. Add a pinch of salt if needed or more lime juice or agave if needed. ⠀⠀⁣⠀
Right before serving, add the ramen noodles into the pot. Simmer them, cooking according to package directions. They usually only take a minute or two. ⠀⠀⁣⠀
Serve immediately as is, or add veggies or tofu or whatever you like.⁣⠀
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