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TOASTING to Tuesday!

TOASTING to Tuesday! This was actually my lunch yesterday and it was DILL-ICIOUS ­čśő seriously these combos were the best. Prepped some sweet potatoes on Sunday for toast so this took 10 minutes to make! While the egg was boiling I heated the toasts in the oven and saut├ęed a little asparagus. Just finished a morning with my friend @nutritionrewired working on a fun project. Check my stories to see some behind the scenes ­čśŁ Which was would you eat first? Tag a toast lover!ÔáÇ
Deets: 3 slices sweet potato toasts (cur 1/3 inch thick and baked for 30 mins on 400 flipping halfway). 1. Homemade coconut milk yogurt with strawberries and @nanajoesgranola. 2. @lef_farms greens, avocado, tahini, hemp seeds and @vitalfarms soft boiled egg. 3. Asparagus saut├ęed in umami seasoning with smoked salmon and egg and dill.


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