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Taco Breakfast Bowls

Taco Breakfast Bowls from Page 130 of The Meal Prep Manual-2nd Edition eBook. I …


Taco Breakfast Bowls. I made this recipe yesterday for my breakfasts for the week. If you catch this post you can see the process of making them in my story before it disappears ?
This is my favorite breakfast recipe for meal prepping. The salsa adds a layer of freshness that keeps the meal full of flavor even on day 5. I’m currently trying watch my calorie intake a bit so I made them yesterday with ground turkey. In this picture is beef, you really can’t tell the difference though because the seasoning covers up the flavor of the meat. I also forgot to buy hash browns when I was at the store yesterday so I ended up using regular potatoes instead. I cut them into a small dice and baked them until they were crisp. The key to meal prepping eggs is to not overcook them the first time through. You have to remember that you will essentially be cooking them again in the microwave. People already overcook their eggs when they scramble them, don’t do that if you’re trying to meal prep them. Also, don’t just put your meals in the microwave for 4 minutes and walk away. You’re killing the food. Cook it until it’s hot and stop. That goes for all food, not just eggs. Hard boiled or baked eggs work best for meal prepping but scrambled can be done as well. .
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