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Taco Bowls for breakfast and Pork Carnitas for lunch Both recipes are included …


Taco Bowls for breakfast and Pork Carnitas for lunch ??   I would be happy eating the taco bowls for breakfast week after week.
The breakfast bowls are made with beef but they could just as easily be constructed with ground turkey. This would help to decrease the total amount of calories if that is something that would better fit your goals. Another option to customize this meal would be to add some spinach into the meat after it has browned. The spinach should wilt and take the flavor of the seasonings enough to where it should almost be unnoticeable! The scrambled eggs are certainly better at the beginning of the week but they are still edible come day 4 and 5 of your week. If you don’t like prepped eggs then I would suggest just making them each morning. Luckily they are quick and easy ??
The Pork Carnitas are slow cooked and then broiled to add some crispiness and really inject flavor into the meat. The meat is cooked in lime and orange juice and when broiled, the juice coated meat carmelizes and tastes incredible. It makes for a perfect pairing with the salsa verde. Adding a homemade salsa is an easy way to provide extra freshness and flavor for not a whole lot of calories ??

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