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Sweet vs Savory Breakfast Options

Sweet vs Savory Breakfast Options. The sweet breakfast is a Casein Waffle with G…


Sweet vs Savory Breakfast Options. The sweet breakfast is a Casein Waffle with Grilled Peaches and the savory breakfast is the Turkey and Hash Brown Bake.
I’m on a 3:1 Breakfast schedule with my savory vs sweet breakfasts. About once every month I’ll choose a sweeter option for my weekly breakfasts. Waffles are an easy choice for this because they aren’t very hard to make and are quick if you don’t want to actually prep them. For these casein waffles, I don’t prep them, instead I choose to make them fresh. The recipe for the casein waffles are strewn about my feed. I’ve posted it a couple of times and there is a video somewhere a few weeks ago showing how to make them. Go find it. Some of you may wonder, why grill the peaches. And the answer is because it looks cool. Some people may like the subtle flavor change they get after being grilled, but not me. I just like the aesthetic look of having the grill marks on them. A lot of the carbs from this meal are in the syrup. Leave it out and choose something else if you don’t want it. The flavor of the waffle is sweet enough on its own, it’s just nice to have the moisture. Also, you can’t use whey, it won’t work. The waffle will be way too dense or it won’t set. Use casein. .
The Turkey and Hash Brown Bake is an option for when I decide it’s time for a savory breakfast week. Casseroles/egg bakes are good for meal prep and they seem to reheat better than regular cooked eggs. You can also fit just about any vegetables you’d like into the dish. Raw spinach can be included on the bottom of your dish because it will wilt when you reheat it in the microwave. Obviously it’s gross to add plain spinach but all in the name of health ??
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