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Salsa Chicken and Refried Beans

Happy 4th  Here is a recipe for Salsa Chicken and Refried Beans that I took way …


Happy 4th ?????? Here is a recipe for Salsa Chicken and Refried Beans that I took way too long to plate up

Last year I decided I wanted to try and come up with a cohesive meal that could look like the American flag and ironically the only thing I could come up with was Mexican food. Blue is a hard color to find in food. I ended up settling on refried black beans which are actually purpley but who cares. The stars are made of queso and the stripes from salsa and chicken. This would be a super easy meal to throw together if you didn’t want to plate it as the flag. It’s quite tasty for how simple it is as well. ⁣

* 2 lb Chicken Breast ⁣
* 1 can of Chicken Broth⁣
* 1 Tbsp Oregano⁣
* 1 jar of Salsa⁣
* 2 cans of Black Beans⁣
* 1/2 an onion⁣
* 1 Tbsp olive oil⁣
* 1 Tbsp Cumin⁣
* 1/2 cup of queso (the authentic stuff in a jar)⁣
* Salt and Pepper to taste⁣

1. Place the chicken into a crockpot with 1 can of chicken broth, 1 Tbsp oregano, and salt and pepper.⁣
2. Cook for 4-5 hours on low or until it is cooke through. ⁣
3. Remove the chicken from the crockpot. Shred the chicken and season with salt and pepper as necessary. ⁣
4. Dice your onion. ⁣
5. Heat a saucepan over medium heat and add olive oil.  Add the onion and cook until soft. ⁣
6. Open your cans of beans and remove some of the liquid but not all of it.  Add in the beans and 1 Tbsp cumin.  Mash with the back of a spoon or a potato masher.⁣
7. Cook the beans for until they are reduced to a thick paste (around 10-15 minutes). Season with salt and pepper to taste.⁣
8. Divide your ingredients evenly between 5 containers.  You can add rice if you’d like more volume.  Add 1 scoop of queso to the top of each dish for flavor. ⁣

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