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To make this dish:⠀⠀
1. I coat a piece of salmon liberally with A.A. borsari seasoning, squeeze half a lemon, and air fried for 18 minutes at 380.⠀⠀
2.While the salmon was going, I cut a soft boiled egg (I do multiple at a time to use throughout the week… just boil for for about 6.5 minutes, ice bath, and store in fridge).⠀⠀
3.Grabbed a serving bowl and filled the bottom with a big serving of power greens, and some French beans I stir fried with hemp hearts.⠀⠀
4.Put the salmon and egg over the veggies and served with sliced cucumber, some avocado, and not pictured, a tahini lemon dressing.⠀⠀
5.Devoured with a smile.



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