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Salmon + pesto pasta


Salmon + pesto pasta ? Round 2 of salmon and pasta but if you use a different sauce, it counts as a different meal, right? ? Haha needed a quick meal so I went with this combo again because it was so good yesterday and I had a piece of salmon leftover ?? ⠀
I am always the person who walks out the door exactly on time (okay maybe slightly late every once in awhile ?) so I knew exactly how much time I had to throw together and eat a meal- 15 mins and luckily the pasta is ready in 8 after you boil the water ? Ended up throwing it into a container and eating on the go but at least I got the photo, right? ? I talked a little in my stories about that voice you get in your head sometimes even if you’ve been feeling great about your body that tells you that you should be this size or this body type or whatever ??‍♀️ Idk why but even when I know I’m being irrational- sometimes it still creeps back in. But recognizing that it’s not true, looking at yourself and seeing all that your body does for you, plus acknowledging that your body is enough as is helps me fight that little negative, horrible voice that comes up sometimes ?? Everyone struggles with body image but starving yourself, beating yourself up mentally, or any other unhealthy habit isn’t the answer ❤️ Talk about it with your loved ones and don’t be alone in it. Love you guys! ⠀
healthyrecipes ?? @eatbanza pasta with @traderjoes vegan pesto with leftover salmon and sautéed mushrooms



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