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Refreshing Vietnamese noodle salad bowl . Happy Saturday, everyone, hope your da…


Refreshing Vietnamese noodle salad bowl?
Happy Saturday, everyone, hope your day starts off well for you. Sharing another simple bowl using my ? recipe with a little adjustment ?
~ 8 oz of King oyster ?, cut into matchstick
~ 3/4 cup flour + 1/2 tsp salt
~ chickpeas water
~ 3 tablespoons lemongrass
~ 2 tablespoons ‘fish’ sauce (sub 2tbsp soy sauce + 1tbsp water + 3 tsp sugar + 2tsp lime juice)
~ 1 tablespoon soy sauce + 1 tablespoon water
~ salt to taste
~ 3 teaspoons ? oil
~ Vietnamese rice noodles ‘bun’, cooked based on package instructions .
Sides suggestions: fresh mung bean sprouts, shredded?, basil, cilantro, mint, toasted peanuts, salad greens, and jalapeño
Dressing: Fish sauce or whisk together 1/4 cup of ? juice, 1/2 cup of hot water, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 clove finely minced garlic, 2.5 tbsp sugar, dash chili flakes, sprinkles of nori sheet, 2 teaspoon rice vinegar and lime juice until well combined.
Dip mushrooms in chickpea water, then coat with flour mixture. Place mushrooms on an oiled baking sheet pan. Brush oil on each mushroom and bake at 495F for 10-12 mins until bottom turn light brown. Then, turn broiler to low and broil for 5 mins (please watch this as oven temperature varies). Remove and set aside.
In a heated pan with no oil, pan fry lemongrass until fragrant, add avocado oil and give it another stir. Then, add mushrooms fries, soy sauce mixture, and let simmer until all liquid is absorbed. Season accordingly.
To assemble: Place rice noodles in a bowl, top with above suggestions and drizzle dressing over before serving.
What do you think? Easy peasy ?? Let me know what you think and have a great?Saturday
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