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Potato vs Sweet Potato

Potato vs Sweet Potato


I use regular potatoes just as much as sweet potatoes in my meals and often get comments on how regular potatoes are bad for you. It always makes me chuckle. They are essentially equal on a macronutrient level. They are great in moderation and have plenty of nutrients in them as well!! . EDIT: The vitamin c in potatoes should be 19.7 MILLIGRAMS not grams .⠀
Has any food had as much of a glow up as sweet potatoes in this new era of health and wellness? I don’t think so. It feels like before the internet and social media became popular sweet potatoes were only eaten in pie form with lots of marshmallows on thanksgiving day. I don’t remember ever eating sweet potatoes as a regular part of my diet growing up and I never ate them when I had dinner at friends houses either. Whoever runs PR for sweet potatoes deserves a raise cause that guy is a genius. Sweet potatoes are exponentially higher in vitamin A than regular potatoes but that’s about it. The nutritional difference otherwise is not all that different. .⠀
Regular potatoes get such a bad rap because of how they are portrayed by many in today’s nutrition climate. Potatoes are associated with French Fries and potato chips where sweet potatoes are commonly seen as the whole tuber. Of course potatoes that are highly processed and fried in heavily oxidized oils to make them ultra palatable are going to be bad for you. They are super easy to over eat because they taste so good! Go boil a regular potato and try to eat the whole thing. You’ll probably feel full after you’re done. There have been some really cool studies done on the satiety levels of food. They compare different foods on a calorie for calorie basis and give it a score for how satiating it is compared to white bread. White bread has a satiety index of 100. Boiled potatoes scored higher than any other food tested at 323, more than 3 times more filling than white bread. For reference the least satiating food tested were croissants at 43 ?. It’s an interesting area of study in terms of how it can relate to obesity and weight loss.



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