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Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bites

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bites


These are very sweet. One or two would be more than enough for me to get my sugar fix in. More than that would be too rich for a lot of people. Eating 2 of these for only 82 calories sounds like a pretty good option help a sweet tooth if you ask me. The sweetness comes from the honey and marshmallows and a tiny bit from the sprinkles. Here is how to make them:⁣

3 cups puffed rice cereal⁣
1/2 cup powdered peanut butter ⁣
3 Tbsp honey⁣
2/3 cup mini marshmallows⁣
2 Tbsp rainbow sprinkles ⁣

1. In a small sauce pan, melt the honey, marshmallows, and peanut butter together. Mix the powdered peanut butter with the necessary amount of water first. ⁣
2. Pour over the cereal and mix in sprinkles. ⁣
3. Form into balls with a cookie scoop and store in the refrigerator so they firm up. ⁣
4. I made 19 balls out of this. The nutrition information is for each one of you make 19. ⁣

❓Can I use regular peanut butter?⁣
❗️Yes. This is so very obvious. It’s just going to be more calories. ⁣

❓Do I have to use marshmallows. ⁣
❗️No but it’s better if you do. ⁣

❓I don’t like sprinkles, do I have to put them in?⁣
❗️Don’t ask me this question. ⁣

❓Do I have to use puffed rice?⁣
❗️You can use whatever you want. Use rice crispies. Use captain crunch. Use Froot Loops. And you would know you could do that if you took 3.532 milliseconds to problem solve. Puffed rice is just super low cal for the volume you get. ⁣

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