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Loaded Paleo Salmon Taco


Loaded Paleo Salmon Taco for lunch ? Leftover salmon paired with a crispy @sietefoods almond flour tortilla + more sautéed kale and sautéed onions ?? Can you tell I bought a huge bag of kale for the week ? It was soooo good in this easy taco ? I had extra salmon from my honey balsamic salmon I made earlier this week ?? Reheated it in the skillet to keep it nice and crispy! Then I added in a tortilla after I sautéed the kale and onions. The best twist on leftovers ever ?- When in doubt about what to do with leftovers- toss them in a tortilla and call it a taco ? Everything tastes better in a crispy tortilla shell haha. I’ll never get sick of salmon ? It seriously is my favorite source of protein by far- there’s nothing better than a crispy piece of salmon ? I used to be so intimidated to make it but it’s really so simple. You just heat a skillet over medium heat, once it’s hot add in some avocado oil, then add the salmon for 3 mins on each side. Easy peasy ? My knee has been hurting still so a rest day for me today! Going to walk + reply to comments and DMs this evening instead ?? Just a reminder- even when you don’t exercise , your body still needs calories ❤️ Fuel your body when its hungry! Have a good evening!! lunch details ?? Leftover honey balsamic salmon, recipe a few posts back. Tossed in an @sietefoods tortilla with sautéed kale and onions and topped with @traderjoes everyday seasoning ?



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