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Loaded BLT for lunch today Oh my gosh my new summer combo right here ? Toasted …


Loaded BLT for lunch today ? Oh my gosh my new summer combo right here ? Toasted sourdough bread + organic bacon + juicy tomatoes + mashed avocado ?? Does it get any better than that?! ⠀
Can’t wait to steal tomatoes from my stepdad’s garden all summer because nothing completes a BLT like a fresh tomato ?? Until then, I’ll be having mediocre tomatoes on my sandwiches ? But when you have crispy bacon- who cares about the tomato ? I used to avoid bread like the plague- too many carbs oh my gosh!! But today I had this loaded sandwich for lunch + a slice of pizza for a snack this afternoon (gluten oh no ?) and I’ll probably have a pretty decent sized dinner tonight! The thing is- our bodies need fuel and I had a tough workout this morning so if I’m hungry, I’ve learned it’s better to refuel than starve myself and spend my whole day thinking about my next meal ??‍♀️ Do what works for you- I eat healthy 80-90% of the time but I also like to share some pizza with Eli ?? We got our marriage license today and went for an afternoon wine + small pizza ? Such a beautiful afternoon and I’m just so happy ? Hope you guys had a good Tuesday!! ❤️ ⠀
eeeeeats food details ?? 2 slices of sourdough from @traderjoes topped with spinach + 1/2 mashed avocado + tomato + 3 slices of @applegate bacon (baked at 400F for 15 mins)⠀


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