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Kielbasa Breakfast Bowls


Kielbasa Breakfast Bowls  I developed this recipe because I wanted to come up with ways to include more vegetables in my breakfasts. It’s hard enough for me to eat vegetables at normal hours but in the morning dude?!? Forget about it. Eating vegetables first thing in the morning is my personal Vietnam. I know I should be eating them more though so unfortunately for me it has to be done. .
In this recipe there is zucchini and spinach to help me increase my vegetable consumption. Whenever I include vegetables in a meal I think of what kind of fat I can include to make them taste better because fat tastes good and vegetables taste like butt. Sausage is a great way to mask the flavors of vegetables. It has a distinct and overpowering flavor so it was an easy choice for this dish. I also wanted to help mute the texture of the zucchini so I paired it with sweet potatoes to change up the monotony that would have been plain zucchini. Hard boiled eggs are my go to egg for meal prep. They last better than other methods. .
On the weight loss side I included a higher zucchini:sweet potato ratio and lessened the amount of sausage. You could also use a turkey sausage instead of pork or beef to lessen the calories even farther. I don’t love using turkey sausage for this meal because of how much lower in fat it is and the fat really does make a difference here, but it’s an option. The weight gain side has a bit more potatoes, more sausage, and more eggs. More calories are needed if you’re looking to grow!!

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