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Here is another Weight Loss vs Weight Gain post for you guys!


Here is another Weight Loss vs Weight Gain post for you guys! A lot of you seemed to like this last time I posted one. I didn’t realize there were so many of you guys who also are trying to gain weight. I plan on posting more like this in the future!This is Brazilian Chicken Stroganoff, Recipe in my first cookbook The Meal Prep Manual 1st Edition ??
Okay let’s talk gaining weight. The number of calories you have to eat is going to differ for everyone depending on your size and activity levels. The meals in this picture are just a depiction of what it could look like. To gain weight you need to be in positive calorie balance over a period of time which means you get to eat a lot? In the image on the right there is more than 2x the rice, about 1.5x the meat (even though it may look similar I promise there’s more), and .5x the broccoli. If there’s one thing I know about weight gain it’s that it is very hard to gain weight eating lots of broccoli. It’s just not a calorie dense food so while you should still eat some to get the micronutrients, it would be beneficial for your weight gain goals to replace that volume with rice or meat. .
Now time for a quick story about the inspiration for this recipe. In 2014 I lived in São Paulo, Brazil and I worked in a physiology lab at the University of São Paulo. I didn’t have a kitchen in my apartment so I had to eat out for almost every meal (like this is a bad thing, right?) There was this buffet near the metro station that offered half off to students so I could eat dinner each night for about $4 USD. Hard to beat that. They had chicken stroganoff on the menu each night and it was always my favorite thing they offered. It’s not like anything we have in the states or like the German version of the dish. It is chicken and mushrooms in a creamy tomato sauce and served with rice and beans as is typical in Brazilian fare. I developed this slightly modified recipe of traditional Brazilian Stroganoff to expose more of us Americans to the wonders of Brazilian cuisine. This one is surely worth a try ??


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