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Green Vegetable Shakes. These don’t taste good. It is purely for the purpose of …


Green Vegetable Shakes. These don’t taste good. It is purely for the purpose of nutrient intake @themealprepmanual⁣

1 pint (473mL) water⁣
2 tbsp (25mL) lemon juice⁣
1 cup (85g) carrots⁣
~3-4 cups (100g) kale ⁣
2 (365g) pears ⁣
1 medium (300g) cucumber ⁣
1 medium (200g) zucchini ⁣
1 inch (15g) ginger ⁣

1. Blend until smooth. ⁣
2. Store in mason jars and refrigerate or freeze if you’re prepping more than a days worth. ⁣

You may or may not know that I hate vegetables with the fire of 10,000 suns. I don’t consume any form of raw leafy greens through actual chewing and eating of food unless it is drowning in Caesar dressing and has a 2:1 Parmesan to leaf ratio. Raw leafy greens suck ass. I don’t trust anyone that says they like them. I refuse to eat them in full leaf form. It takes 20 minutes to chew the amount that I can drink in 2 seconds in liquid form. I would take 2 seconds of torture over 20 minutes anytime. Eating raw leafy greens is number 3 on my list of torture methods that would make me crack only behind waterboarding at number 2 and waterboarding with liquified raw vegetables at number 1. If you can eat raw leafy greens then good for you, that’s extremely healthy but I have to question your sanity. I was hanging with my college friends this weekend and one of them ate an entire 1lb package of greens in a day. Plain. With nothing on it. Nothing has ever infuriated me more. ⁣

It may be worth your time to try out one of these shakes. We shouldn’t avoid leafy greens because of how nutrient dense they are but I get it if you can’t eat them. I usually put broccoli sprouts in as well but I didn’t have any this time. Practice your chugging skills and you can drastically lessen uncomfortability. ⁣

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