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Gluten Free Blue/Raspberry Muffins

Gluten Free Blue/Raspberry Muffins⁣
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1 cup (…


Gluten Free Blue/Raspberry Muffins⁣

1 cup (150g) berries. Fresh or frozen. ⁣
1 cup (226g) unsweetened applesauce ⁣
2/3 cup (150g) canned pumpkin ⁣
100/227 cups (100g) plain non fat Greek yogurt ⁣
3 eggs⁣
1 tsp (4mL) vanilla⁣
1.5 tsp (6g) stevia ⁣
1 tbsp (10g) ground flax⁣
2 scoops (60g) whey⁣
1/4 cup + 2.25 tbsp (50g) coconut flour ⁣

1. Preheat oven to 350F⁣
2. Mix all wet ingredients plus stevia in a large bowl⁣
3. Mix all dry ingredients separately⁣
4. Combine the two and stir to combine. Add half of the fruit. ⁣
5. Put in oiled muffin tin, no liners, & top with remaining fruit. ⁣
6. Bake 22-23 minutes. Allow to cool for best product. ⁣

❓What can I substitute x for?⁣
❗️The whole purpose I make these recipes the way I do is to keep them as low calorie as possible. Making substitutions kind of defeats this purpose and you’re better off just making the real thing. If you’re going to make any swaps here are some options. ⁣
Applesauce?➡️Butter ⁣
Coconut flour?➡️Other flour x 4⁣
Berries?➡️Figure it out. Dumb question. ⁣
Flax?➡️Just leave it out. ⁣
Whey?➡️ I made this one specifically with whey because every time I use casein someone inevitably whines about how I always use casein. That’s cause it’s better. It would be better if I used it here too but I used whey this time just for you people. ⁣
Stevia?➡️Sugar x 4-6⁣

❓I don’t have a 100/227 measuring cup and now I can’t make these. ⁣
❗️You should buy a 100/227 measuring cup. They come in handy, lots of recipes use them. Or you could use just under a half a cup. Fractions. Learn them. ⁣

❓Why flax?⁣
❗️Because it’s good for you & easy to sneak it. No it’s not necessary. ⁣

❓So dumb. Why wouldn’t you just make regular muffins, they’d be better?⁣
❗️COT DAMN. Why didn’t I think of that?Thank you so much, you are truly a prophet. I never would have thought that baking a bunch of sugar & fat together would taste good!! Sometimes it’s nice to have lower calorie, macro friendly options b/c it helps us stick to eating goals & for many people that follow this page, it is appreciated. ⁣



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