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GARLIC THYME roasted sweet potato fries


Happy HUMP Day! GARLIC THYME roasted sweet potato fries with a side of pesto and yolks is what I’m dreaming of right now. I’m about to make a HUGE batch of sweet potato fries (if you want my tips for crispy fries check my sight and search “fries”)! This meal actually makes a great prep…soft boiled eggs can be prepped ahead of time! (See my highlights for egg technique) I have been in the kitchen all week and working on web site stuff and have a BUNCH of summer recipes and fun stuff coming your way (including a couple epic giveaways) ALSO if you sign up with your email on my site this week I am sending a gift to you this weekend! Off to turn off the oven before my food burns ? Happy Wednesday all!⠀
Deets: sweet potatoes seasoned with fresh thyme, salt, pepper and garlic powder/tossed in a small amount of coconut oil (Roasted for about 30 mins on 400 flipping halfway), arugula and kale, crispy roasted asparagus, roasted tomatoes, pine nuts and three soft boiled eggs. Plus some homemade pesto.



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