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Fruit Topped Rice Cakes

Fruit Topped Rice Cakes. A quick snack that you can put together in minutes and …


Fruit Topped Rice Cakes. A quick snack that you can put together in minutes and customize with whatever fruit you enjoy.
I originally made these as Fruit Pizzas using the same crust I have shown in the past for regular pizzas. Once I ate it I realized that fruit pizzas are usually made on some sugar cookie type thing and not a real pizza crust. On top of that it was way too much work to make a pizza crust by hand for these so rice cakes will have to do. Yes rice cakes are bland but they are merely a vehicle to get the yogurt and fruit into your mouth. If you wanted to put it on a slice of bread be my guest. Also, whatever this yogurt mixture is that goes on top is really good. I’ve also only bought plain Greek yogurt for the last 5 years so i don’t know if this is just what normal sweetened yogurt tastes like and I’m just used to the sour horseshit that is plain Greek yogurt. .
3 rice cakes
5g vanilla whey protein
50g plain non fat Greek yogurt
38g fat free whipped cream
2g stevia
1/2 tsp vanilla .
1. Cut up your fruit as you like.
2. In a bowl mix together the yogurt, whey, stevia, and vanilla. Mix vigorously until the whey is completely incorporated. Gently fold in the whipped cream.
3. Top each rice cake with the yogurt and fruit. Fit as much or as little fruit on top as you like. If you care about calories weigh and track ingredients for yourself.
4. The nutrition information is for all three rice cakes and the fruit I was able to fit on them. Your mileage may vary. .
❓This isn’t a question but listen to me when I say this:
❗️There shouldn’t be any questions for this. It’s hardly even a recipe. Mix the stuff and put it on the thing and then put the shit on top of it. That’s it. Want to change something? You don’t need my permission. Just change it. If you care about the nutrition information calculate it for yourself. It doesn’t matter what brand of protein you use. Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be. It’s three things, a vehicle to carry the toppings, something to make the toppings stick to the vehicle, and the toppings. Bye .


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