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Enchilada Chicken vs Chicken Enchiladas. Similar recipes but obvious differences…


Enchilada Chicken vs Chicken Enchiladas. Similar recipes but obvious differences.
The Chicken Enchiladas on the right side used to be one of my favorite meals to prep. They were always a welcome sight when it came lunchtime. Unfortunately I developed that particular recipe before I found I had an intolerance to wheat and I can no longer eat them without consequence. I could use gluten free tortillas but they are too expensive and simply not as good. So to solve my problem I created the recipe on the left. It uses the same sauce but puts the meal in bowl form instead. By deconstructing the enchilada there is more real estate available for vegetables to enter the meal. It’s hard to add the vegetables to the actual enchilada because there isn’t a ton of room inside the tortilla. Mixing the rice, vegetables, meat, and pico make for a nice combination that gives me a similar satisfaction of eating the gluten containing enchilada. .
I’ve been experimenting a lot in the kitchen this year. Lots of new stuff on the page and when I find some free time I’ll work on putting everything on my website so it’s easily accessible. Suggestions of your favorites are always welcomed. I make all of my experimenting gluten free and 90% of the stuff I try and make lower calorie. Sometimes I’ll forgo the lowered calorie goal and just make it gluten free and taste really good. I’m working on a cinnamon roll now but it’s really hard. Any other ideas for what you’d like to see will help ?
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