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Eating routines


Eating routines are important. It’s how I can say “You don’t have to eat lunch, you can wait for the next snack” (without worrying they will starve). And routines are different for every family.⠀⠀
For us, our life is complicated. We have a lot going on all the time. Here is our schedule:⠀⠀
6/7: breakfast⠀⠀
9:30: snack at school (school provides)⠀⠀
12:00/12:30: packed lunch at school⠀⠀
3:30: snack at school (school provides)⠀⠀
5:15: after-school snack⠀⠀
6:00: dinner⠀⠀
6:45: bedtime snack⠀⠀
Is this ideal? Nope! Also, this image has a lot of cheese in it. ? Ya know, some days it’s just all cheese…?⠀⠀
What’s with that pre-dinner snack? Well, my kids are ravenous at 5:15 and life deteriorates without it. Will it ruin dinner? Good chance. We try to serve veggies only, or veggies and fruit to keep it from ruining dinner. ?⠀⠀
Bedtime snack? Some kids, even non-picky ones, will wake up at night all the time, hungry. They are often really high energy kids who aren’t that into the whole eating thing. A bedtime snack solves that problem for me and keeps me from pressuring my kid to “eat more” at dinner. ⠀⠀
WARNING: after-dinner snacks can be counter-productive for picky kids. If you do one, make sure the snack is a meal-like type of food (but not re-served dinner), and not “snacky” food. Otherwise, they will just skip dinner and wait for snack. Also, I usually recommend that you either always serve it or never serve it. That way you’re in control of the meal routine.⠀⠀
Does your child eat snacks?



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