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Do you think you have a balanced diet?⠀.⠀BALANCE, BALANCE, BALANCE


Do you think you have a balanced diet?⠀
When it comes to long term sustainability balance really is key.⠀
Don’t just cut excess calories or a specific food group or both. Yes, you can lose weight at a faster rate going this route, but the probability of you gaining it back is much higher plus it can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. ?⠀
If you want long term success you need to incorporate a sustainable way of eating that you will enjoy and that fits your health and lifestyle needs. ⠀
This is a slower process but the rewards are much greater. Because You can still lose weight meet your body goals while enjoying the foods you love, mindfully. ?⠀
Here are some of my fave food options ?⠀
? Breakfast⠀
•protein pancakes:oats,whey, eggs, banana⠀
•toppings: strawberries, diy chocolate syrup ⠀
•Baked chicken breast •baked tostadas⠀
•guacamole: avocado, cilantro, onion, lime •tomato ⠀
•Baked chicken breast⠀
•skittles and starburst ??⠀
?Late night snack⠀
•Greek yogurt⠀
•coconut flakes⠀

It was a good day ?⠀
What are some of your favorite go to food combos?⠀


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