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Do you consider this a taco? Taco Stuffed Sweet Potato


Do you consider this a taco?⠀

Taco Stuffed Sweet Potato ? Bringing back one of my fav recipes because I had two extra baked sweet potatoes on hand that were just meant to be stuffed with all the taco goods ? ⠀
I came back from a run (took Manning for a short one and she was surprisingly so good ??) and I was hangry so I threw together this meal in 15 minutes ?? But I also had the sweet potato prepped which really cut down on time! I’m always so hungry right after a workout- I know some people can go hours without eating but I need food ASAP ? Can’t think of anything better to refuel than this ? Grass fed beef, veggies, and allllll the avo ? Topped with organic salsa post pic because it’s not a taco meal without it ? As I’m typing this I realized this somewhat qualifies for taco Tuesday so now I feel really on top of things ? Haha hope you guys had a good Tuesday! ⠀
healthyrecipes ?? 1 baked sweet potato (baked for 50 mins at 400F) stuffed with peppers and onions (baked for 15 mins at 400F and sprinkled with @primalpalate taco seasoning) and sautéed @butcher_box ground beef (cooked in a skillet over medium heat for about 8 mins with the same seasoning) and topped with 1/2 avocado



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