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Curry Laksa Ramen – a flavorful & fragrant spicy noodle soup topped with fried w…


Curry Laksa Ramen ?– a flavorful & fragrant spicy noodle soup topped with fried wontons, crunchy veggies, shredded mushrooms & simmered in a creamy coconut broth. I served this piping hot dish in a beautiful one-of-a-kind look & extra-versatile FiveTwo shallow bowl from @food52 that is also perfect for sharing #sponsored⁣

Recipe (yields 2 servings)⁣
~ 2 servings ramen (fresh/dried) – cooked based on package’s instructions⁣
~ 2 tablespoons red chili/laksa paste or sambal
~ 3 cups vegetable stock⁣
~ ¼ cup coconut milk⁣
~ 1 teaspoon coconut sugar (optional, adjust based on the chili paste’s sweetness)⁣
~ a handful of fresh curry leaves (optional)⁣
~ oil & salt to taste⁣

Topping ingredients:⁣
~ ¼ cup King oyster mushrooms – peeled into thin strips⁣
~ ¼ cup long beans – cut into 2″ length (used white long beans), blanched⁣
~ ½ cup mung bean sprouts, blanched⁣
~ ¼ cup pan-fried eggplant⁣
~ ¼ cup tofu puffs⁣
~ lime wedges, red chilis⁣
~ fried veggie wontons⁣

✅In a heated pan with a drizzle of oil, lightly pan fry mushrooms strips & eggplant until fully cooked & set aside. Using the same pan, add water & quickly blanch green beans & mung bean sprouts, then drain well. Soak tofu puffs in hot water for 5 mins & squeeze out the water to remove excess oil. ⁣
✅To make the curry, sauté red chili paste/sambal with oil in a tall pot (deep enough for at least 5 cups of liquid) for 1 minute. Then, add the vegetable stock, tofu puffs, curry leaves, coconut sugar (if using) & bring it to boil. Reduce heat to simmer & add coconut milk, then cook long beans & eggplants in soup for about 30 seconds. Turn off the heat.⁣
✅To serve, place cooked ramen in a bowl, ladle soup with veggies over & top with mung bean sprouts, fried wontons, mushrooms strips, red chili & a squeeze of lime juice. Enjoy.⁣
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