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Chicken and broccoli


? Ingredients:⁣⠀
– 3lbs Chicken Thighs ?⁣⠀
– 3lbs Broccoli ?⁣⠀
– 5 tbls Grass Fed Butter.⁣⠀
– 4 Garlic Cloves.⁣⠀
– 2 tsp Paprika.⁣⠀
– Pink Salt.⁣⠀
– Pepper.⁣⠀
– Juice of 1 Lemon ?⁣⠀
– 1 Cup Chicken Stock.⁣⠀
– Optional: 1/2 Cup Fresh Parsley.⁣⠀
??‍? Directions:⁣⠀
1. In a bowl, combine paprika, salt and pepper. Season the chicken and set aside.⁣⠀
2. Heat a large skillet on medium heat with half 3 tbls of butter. Evenly lay the chicken thighs in a single layer. Cook for 5-6 min on each side.⁣⠀
3. Once cooked, transfer the chicken to a plate. Then, in the same skillet, lower the heat and melt the remaining butter. Add parsley and garlic and cook for a few minutes. Then add in your chicken stock and lemon then reduce the sauce for a few minutes.⁣⠀
4. Add back in the chicken thighs and reheat. Add additional squeezed lemon on top and butter.⁣⠀
5. Get your meal prep containers out and add in your cooked broccoli, rice of choice and chicken!??⁣



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