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Bruschetta Chicken and Pesto Chicken


Bruschetta Chicken and Pesto Chicken from Page 90 of The Meal Prep Manual-60 Minute Meals. I’ll post the link to the Bruschetta Chicken in my story, for everyone who sees this outside of 24 hours of posting, it’s on my website under the recipes tab. @themealprepmanual⠀
These two meals are quite similar with grilled chicken, some vegetables, and a flavor agent. The flavor on the left side comes from the Bruschetta and the flavor on the right side comes from Pesto. Traditional Pesto is made with pine nuts and basil but both those things are super expensive so they can be reserved for fancy people. I made this pesto with spinach and walnuts and of course it still tastes great. I keep the pesto and Bruschetta in smaller cups because I take them out of the container before reheating. I get them off of amazon. ⠀
When cooking chicken, lots of people complain about it being dry and coming out even drier upon reheating in the microwave. When cooking chicken you should make sure that you get the breast to even thickness before cooking it. The chicken breasts these days are incredibly large and uneven. If you tried to cook it straight out of the package it would never cook evenly. The fat end can be as thick as 2 inches and the thin end can be less than half of that. Take a meat tenderizer and pound the breasts to even thickness or butterfly it before you cook it for best results. I’d also buy a meat thermometer so you know when the meat is done. So many people are afraid to undercook chicken that they destroy it and cook it far past its finished temperature. 165F is where you’re shooting for



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