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Breakfast Taco Bowls with Salsa Roja


Breakfast Taco Bowls with Salsa Roja
Stir Fry’s are one of the best ways to get in your vegetables. Almost any vegetable can fit into the dish so it’s easy to get a wide variety, they aren’t hard to cook, and they generally have a great tasting sauce to go over the top to help with flavor. This Beef & Broccoli recipe has been a crowd favorite among many of you that have a copy of the MPM 60 Minute Meals. It is a wonderful alternative to takeout as it tastes just as good and you can control exactly what goes into you pan. ⁣

The Taco Breakfast Bowl is something I used to make about once every other week. I would still make it that often if I didn’t have to try and develop new recipes all of the time. It’s such a great breakfast for me. The homemade salsa gives the meal a layer of freshness that makes it different than traditional meal prepped breakfasts. As far as meal prepping eggs goes, scrambled eggs work fine as long as you slightly undercook them. I personally don’t mind the taste and texture of my scrambled eggs throughout the week but if you did you could always just make them fresh in the morning. Baked/boiled eggs work best for meal prepping. Then scrambled. Then fried. I wouldn’t recommend prepping fried eggs. Just make them fresh if you prefer that style. ⁣

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