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Beef Barbacoa Bowls and Shredded Pork with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans


Beef Barbacoa Bowls and Shredded Pork with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans.
Both of these recipes are crockpot recipes so they are perfect for those days you don’t want to stand over the stove. The vegetables included in each dish take a bit of chopping and cooking but it doesn’t take too long to chef up. I try and rotate between beef, pork, chicken, and turkey in my meals just so I don’t get bored. If you wanted to swap these meats for chicken or turkey you probably could without too much trouble. .
The Beef Barbacoa Bowls are served with a side of zucchini and corn and topped with queso fresco or feta cheese. You could also turn this dish into a burrito bowl like the chicken or steak ones I have on this page. I also like to serve the beef with a side of pico de gallo to add a layer of freshness. .
The Shredded Pork is a recipe that I updated when I made revisions to the ebooks. Since originally writing this recipe I’ve developed a new method for cooking pulled pork and it is way better than it was at first. After it comes out of the crockpot I like to put the pork under a broiler so that the meat gets some color and texture. Slow cooked meats can be pretty boring so putting it in the oven for a bit makes all the difference.

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