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Banana Protein Chocolate Frosty

Banana Protein Chocolate Frosty. The texture of this “ice cream” is surprisingly…


Banana Protein Chocolate Frosty. The texture of this “ice cream” is surprisingly similar to the real ones from Wendy’s. ⁣

2 medium (250g) frozen bananas⁣
2 scoops (60g) whey protein ⁣
1/2 cup (120g) whole milk⁣
2 tbsp (10g) cocoa powder ⁣

1. Put the frozen bananas in the blender and start churning. ⁣
2. Add the milk slowly until you reach your desired consistency. If your bananas are bigger or smaller you may need more or less liquid. ⁣
3. Add the protein and cocoa powders and mix until incorporated.⁣
4. Makes 3 servings.⁣

The blender I use is a Vitamix which is in my eyes the best blender money can buy. I’m not sure how silky of a texture you will get from a cheaper blender. If you have extra you can store it in the freezer but cover it with plastic wrap and make sure the wrap is pressed against the ice cream. I think it’s better straight out of the blender though. ⁣

❓What can I swap the bananas for?⁣
❗️Nothing. Look at the recipe. Damn near all the volume comes from bananas. The first word of the recipe is banana. You can swap the banana for real ice cream. It will taste better anyway. ⁣

❓Can I use almond milk?⁣
❗️I guess so but whole milk is better because it has fat. Fat tastes good. Nut water doesn’t taste very good. ⁣

❓Can I use plant protein?⁣
❗️Yes. Problem solve. This is a just a protein shake with hardly any liquid. Nothing is getting cooked so texture/moisture isn’t something that you really have to worry about. The protein powder doesn’t even need to be included. It’s just there for extra protein. ⁣

❓What flavor of protein powder?⁣
❗️Doesn’t really matter. Ideally chocolate or vanilla. Don’t skip the cocoa powder if you use chocolate protein though. It will give a more authentic chocolate flavor. ⁣

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