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Are you a lover of pasta?⠀.⠀Spicy garlic cajun shrimp with parmesan rotini & g…


Are you a lover of pasta?⠀
Spicy garlic cajun shrimp with parmesan rotini & garlicky greens ?? — a bowl of easy cheesy carby coziness that came together in 15 minutes fast and satisfied all the cravings after my run tonight! ??.⠀
whatsinmybowl: @eatbanza chickpea rotini tossed with olive oil, basil, and parmesan cheese •• spicy garlic shrimp (season shrimp with @primalpalate cajun seasoning + paprika, then sauté in garlic ghee until pink and slightly brown) •• sautéed garlicky spinach with red pepper & parmesan ??.⠀
What’s your fave post-workout meal? I’m a pasta girl through and through ??‍♀️ (although if I workout in the morning, I’m totally team toast ?). Happy Friday!! ❤️ Hope you all had a great day ?⠀
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