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a plateful of pancakes + some savory sidekicks


My bees knees breakfast: a plateful of pancakes + some savory sidekicks ?? I’m heading to brunch and the farmer’s market this morning, so throwing it back to this Saturday spread from awhile back ? Happy weekending! ?⠀
This pancake recipe is my go-to when I’m feeling more ambitious than usual (read: I typically use add-water-only mixes??‍♀️), but it actually comes together quickly, and the leftovers can be stored in the fridge or freezer for easy pop-in-the-toaster breakfast prep ??.⠀
Sweet Potato Cashew Butter Pancakes: ¼ cup coconut flour • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon • ¼ teaspoon baking soda • 2 tbsp. cashew butter (can sub any nut butter) • 2 eggs, slightly beaten • 1 egg white, beaten stiff (optional, but makes the pancakes fluffy) • ½ tbsp. honey ? (you can sub stevia or another sweetener) • 3 tbsp. mashed sweet potato • 3 tbsp. almond milk (can swap pumpkin purée) • 1) Combine first two dry ingredients in a small bowl. In separate bowl, stir nut butter, eggs, maple syrup (or honey), and pumpkin. Slowly stir in almond milk. Add dry ingredients to wet, stir until well combined, then let batter sit for a couple minutes. Cook up your cakes! (Makes 1-2 servings)



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