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3 Ingredient Casein Protein Waffles.


3 Ingredient Casein Protein Waffles. These waffles have become part of my nightly routine. They are so easy to make and taste amazing.   I put 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and jelly on mine and it never fails me. Look at those macros as well, hard to beat that ??
These waffles have been a lifesaver for me. I avoid wheat containing products as much as possible because I’ve found they make me breakout. I don’t think I’ve had a piece of bread since last November and boy do I miss it. I’ve only found a handful of things that truly satisfy my craving for bread and these waffles are by far the best at doing that. All you have to do is beat the egg white, add in the water, and then the protein powder. It will make a thick pudding consistency. Pop that down in the center of a waffle iron for 4-5 minutes and you’ve got yourself a gluten free, low carb, high protein waffle/bread substitute ? ? .
To answer the question I know many of you have, no, you cannot use whey protein. It has to be casein. A blend may work, I’ve never tried it so I can’t say for sure. Casein has a different protein structure than whey and it forms tight clumps when mixed with water, making it suitable for the waffles. It is definitely worth the price of the casein protein powder just to make these waffles. Like I said, I make one of these just about every night and it is great for you who are trying to increase lean body mass to do the same.
Casein protein has a slower release of amino acids than whey protein. So for those of you who don’t know, proteins are made of amino acids and these amino acids are what we use to build new proteins in our bodies. Casein is a globular protein and it forms a tight clump when we ingest it. It takes longer for our bodies to break it down and retrieve the amino acids from it. This makes it really good to eat before bed because you’re going to be fasting for 8 hours or so. This means that your body would be going for 8 hours without any protein to supply amino acids to your blood to repair and build new muscle. Taking some casein right before bed will prolong the supply of amino acids into your blood!!



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