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Yakiudon – a super simple, slippery & chewy noodle dish that we had for lunch ea…


Yakiudon? – a super simple, slippery & chewy noodle dish that we had for lunch earlier. It was soo delicious that I had to share it with you guys?. Ever since my trip to Japan, I had a few requests for Yakiudon, so I hope you’ll give this easy recipe a try?. When shopping for udon noodles, try to find those with simple ingredients such as wheat flour, water, salt (mine had tapioca starch). I made mine with a little more sauce so I can slurp it up easily (swipe to see noodles IRL?). Happy weekend, friends.⁣?

Recipe (yields 2 servings)⁣
~ 2 servings udon (used frozen)⁣
~ 6oz firm tofu, pan-fried & seasoned with salt⁣
~ 2 cups chopped cabbage⁣
~ 1/2 small onion, sliced⁣
~ 1/4 cup sliced softened mushrooms⁣
~ chopped scallions⁣
~ oil, salt & pepper to taste⁣

?Sauce: Mix together 1 cup of Kombu dashi with 2 tablespoons mirin & 2 tablespoons soy sauce until well combined, then set aside.⁣

✅Bring a pot of water to boil & cook udon noodles for 2-3 mins (omit this step for freshly cooked udon) to loosen up the noodles.⁣
✅Meanwhile, in a heated pan with 3 teaspoons oil, sauté mushrooms & onion until fragrant. Add in noodles, sauce & cabbage. Toss until well combined & turn heat to low.
✅Add tofu & braise all ingredients for 1 min. Season accordingly with salt & white pepper, if needed. Garnish with chopped scallions & serve warm.⁣
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