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Whether you’re vegan or not, where are you on your journey? It’ll be my 4th year…

Whether you’re vegan or not, where are you on your journey? It’ll be my 4th year as a vegan next month and not only is it a reminder for myself that (wow) I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years, but that I’m also on my 4th year in college and have been on this vegan journey my whole college life. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve had my ups and downs as a student having to adjust to new routines, meet new people, and be in certain social situations wherein I’d have to explain myself to people on why I wasn’t eating what other people were. I remember skipping some events because I was scared on how people would react because vegan wasn’t as talked about back in 2015 as it is now. More people know about veganism now than before, and this has been a really positive change here in the Philippines—but we still have a long way to go! I’ve met a lot of open-minded people and also a lot of skeptics. But what I really did realize along the way is that no matter how tough times can get and how judgmental some people can be, is to stick to what you believe in. Veganism for me is a lifelong commitment. I went vegan for my love for animals but also found out about its impact on the environment and my health. It’s a commitment that might not work for everyone, which I totally understand so I don’t have any negativity towards those not on the same journey as I am because this is ultimately a personal choice. The most important part is to really listen to yourself, understand what works for you, and respect people on their own journeys. Trust me, I tried these certain vegan diets like high carb low fat (HCLF), and it didn’t work for me but other people thrive on it. I remember feeling so restricted and ended up being afraid of oil and even healthy fats at one point. Until I realized that what works for other people won’t necessarily work for me. So before this gets way longer, what I guess I’m trying to say is to listen to yourself and find what works for you—also not to compare yourself too much with other people because we’re all different and unique. 🌱
P.S. these are the cauliflower and corn fritters I made the other day! Still working on the recipe but it’ll be in my #TFTFebook 🌟


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