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Sweet and Savory toasts, anyone? . Happy Saturday, my Insta friends. I am really…


Sweet and Savory toasts, anyone?
Happy Saturday, my Insta friends?.
I am really grateful for all your support???
Sending you some toasts to brighten up your day!?
How do you usually dress up your toasts? What kind of toppings do you use?
Can’t believe I don’t have more toasts picture, most likely it’s because I eat them before my ??but today, it’s the other way around.?
Here is what I have:
Sweet toast
Crunchy almond butter, ?, blueberries and raspberries
Savory toast #1
Beet hummus, roasted chickpeas, cucumbers and sprouts.
~Roasted chickpeas – drain one can of chickpeas, bake at 300F until crispy on the outside, rub some oil and bake for another 5mins.
~ Beet hummus from @majesticgarlic is delicious with clean and natural ingredients.?
Savory toast #2
?mashed, smoky mushrooms with umami seasoning
~ Smoky mushrooms – Slice mushrooms thinly. In a heated pan with 1tsp of oil, pan fry them until brown, add few spritz of liquid smoke and pinch of mushroom umami seasoning. Serve on top of avocado mashed?
What do you think? Which one will you have first? Let me know??and have a great ?Saturday, everyone.
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