Stir-fried potato, eggplant & peppers (‘地三鲜’ Di San Xian), a very popular dish f…


Stir-fried potato, eggplant & peppers (‘地三鲜’ Di San Xian)😋, a very popular dish from Northern China that I recently tried at a restaurant. ‘Di San Xian’ translates to three treasures/freshness from the earth/ground😊 (thanks Wikipedia). The trick to making this dish is to pan-fry/fry potatoes & eggplants separately then toss all ingredients in the sauce to seal it off🤩. Alternatively, you may bake potatoes, steam/bake eggplant for a lesser oil version. I hope you give this a try & have a lovely Thursday, friends.⁣🤗

Recipe (yields 3 servings)⁣
~ 2 small Japanese eggplants, cut into matchstick length⁣
~ 1 medium size potato, cut into wedges⁣
~ 3-4 sweet peppers, chopped (used Korean chili peppers)⁣
~ 1 Thai chili, chopped⁣
~ 3 cloves garlic, sliced⁣
~ 3 slices ginger⁣

🌱Sauce: Mix 1 tablespoon soy sauce/tamari, 1/2 tablespoon sugar, a dash of salt & white pepper, 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch with 1/4 cup water until well combined. Set aside.⁣

✅Soak cut potatoes in cold water for 5 mins, then wipe them dry with paper towels. In a heated non-stick pan with oil, pan-fry potatoes until crispy & golden brown. Repeat the same for eggplant & set aside.⁣

✅To make the stir fry, add 2 teaspoons oil in a non-stick pan & sauté ginger, then garlic until aromatic. Pour in the sauce & let simmer until it thickens a bit. Add in the rest of the ingredients & give it a quick toss, then season accordingly if needed. Serve warm with rice.🤤⁣
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