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Sesame & scallions layered bread (Zhi Ma Da Bing ‘芝麻大餅’). Sharing a fluffy & del…


Sesame & scallions layered bread (Zhi Ma Da Bing ‘芝麻大餅’)?. Sharing a fluffy & delightful savory treat that is perfect for the upcoming Lunar New Year’s breakfast?. Made with simple ingredients, this bread is definitely a keeper??. Enjoy & have a lovely Saturday.⁣?

Recipe (makes one 10-inch bread)⁣
?Ingredients – inspired by ??Pei Jen mama:⁣
~ 250g all-purpose flour, separated in half⁣
~ 5g yeast⁣
~ 5g sugar⁣
~ 150ml water, room temperature⁣
~ 1/8 teaspoon baking soda, mix with 1 teaspoon water
~ 1/4 teaspoon salt⁣
~ 1 teaspoon oil⁣
~ 3/4 cup chopped scallions⁣
~ white/black sesame seeds⁣
⁣✅Combine yeast, sugar & water in a mixing bowl, then add in 125g of flour. Using a spatula, mix all ingredients until well combined. Cover & let mixture proof until it turns bubbly or 1 time the original size, about 30-40 mins (proofing time varies depending on temperature)⁣
✅To make the bread, add baking soda mixture to the proofed dough, then add the remaining flour & mix well with a spatula.⁣
✅Transfer mixture onto a cleaned surface & knead into a smooth dough or until the dough is not sticky (do not add any flour to speed up the process here). Then, dust some flour on the countertop & place dough on top. Cover & let rest for 15 mins.⁣
✅Roll dough into a 10-inch round, then rub in salt, brush the dough with oil & top with chopped scallions. Using a rolling pin, slightly roll to press in the scallions so they stick to the dough. Cut the dough into 6 parts by leaving the middle part untouched, like the shape of a sun. Bring one part to the middle, then overlap the second part on the top until you finish all the parts. Seal the last part to the bottom of the dough ??
✅To cook the bread, place dough in a pan (no heat). Wet your palm with water & slightly press to flatten the dough, then top with sesame seeds. Flip & repeat. Aim for a 10-inch bread. Turn heat to low-med & cook for ~13mins. Flip, place a lid over & continue to cook for another 12mins or until the dough is fully cooked. Serve warm with sweet potatoes & chickpeas curry as a dip.
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