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Quark dumplings with blueberries (recipe)Guad Moang mitanand did you already …


Quark dumplings with blueberries (recipe)

Guad Moang mitanand☺️ have you ever had quark dumplings? I have not! Yesterday my first time u was definitely not my last time ? I spontaneously came up with the idea and I think so spontaneous things are just the best ❤️. So if you have not eaten them yet, I really recommend them to you from the heart.
They taste delicious even without blueberries and are very easy to prepare.

And this is how it works.
You need :
150 g quark
65 g of melted flakes
1 egg
25 g of flour
2 – 3 tablespoons milk
5 g baking powder
Coconut Flavordrops @ got7nutrition or other sweetie.
I really like the new flavordrops, especially the coconut. They do not taste artificial at all.

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and stir the ingredients except blueberries (attention very sticky matter) please do not use a whisk otherwise the whole mass sticks in it ?. Best with a fork mix. Then carefully fold in the blueberries.
Place a small bowl of water and 2 teaspoons and form small dumplings (like semolina dumplings) out of the dough. Immerse the spoons in the water then it does not stick so tightly.
Heat a coated pan and fry the dumplings with a little margarine or coconut oil.
Take a while to get through!

I wish you a nice day ?. With the code Magic10 you save 10% when shopping @ got7nutrition and supports me at the same time.

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