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No time to bake but hungry for cake who knows? A cup cake is …

No time to bake but hungry for cake 😄 who knows? A cup cake is the best solution! It's sooo practical and fast, if you want to put something sweet on the table for a person or two in a few minutes with little effort. Perfect for the cold and dark evenings. There was also homemade date caramel, quark and raspberries
To all who have no microwave .. Works in the oven ❤️. 35g spelled flour 630
15 g of cocoa powder
Sweetness to taste
1 teaspoon Baking powder
30 ml of milk
60 g applesauce
2 teaspoons oil

First mix all the dry ingredients and then all the wet ones and then put the dough in a bowl or cup. Then in the microwave .. Do not let him in long .. Only until he is stuck up .. For me it was not quite 2 minutes at 800 watts. But do not get stuck in this time … always look it up again 🙂. Dattelkaramell:
100 gr soft Medjool dates
100 ml of water
1 teaspoon white almond purée
¼ fresh vanilla pod
a small pinch of salt
That's how it's done:
Add the dates with water, almond paste and vanilla to the blender and mix until no lumps or pieces are present.
Takes a few minutes.

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