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Party Time Giveaway [Werbung] From today on I have reached 10k for …


?PARTYTIME?Giveaway? (advertising) To my 10k reached, there are a few ??Giveaways?? for you from today.
I have organized something for you the last few days and hope to be able to give you a lot of joy Freude.
This week you can win something from @reishunger! ? namely a rice cooker and a small familiar box with the 4 most popular types of rice ?. Don't forget to swipe to take a close look at your winnings?.
What you have to do:
?Liked this picture
?Follow @reishunger and me.
?linked 2 friends you would like to cook with Kochen
“Sharing in the story would be very nice but not a requirement”
?For a double ? Post a picture of me in your feed (or make a recipe of mine) marks me in the text and on the picture, sets the # magicfitfood10k and mentions my PARTY at the beginning of your post to jump into the lottery pot again. ?
? Of course you can participate as often as you want to increase your chances of winning a week.
??The competition ends on November 3rd, 2018. The winner? will be announced in my story on November 4th, 2018 ??
Let's celebrate together ?? good luck and have a nice weekend ??. ,
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