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Pan-seared salmon salad with cucumbers and peppery black radishes, tamed by a ta…


Pan-seared salmon salad with cucumbers and peppery black radishes, tamed by a tangy + creamy lemon-crème fraîche dressing, finished with a sprinkle of scallions, lemon zest and toasted @thespicehouse nigella seeds #sponsored. Find the full recipe in the comments section!
Nigella seeds (also known as charnushka, black caraway or kalonji seeds) are an excellent addition of flavor and texture to any salads, savory toasts, tagines and stews. They may be mistaken for sesame seeds but have a completely different flavor profile. Toast them in a dry pan on med-low for about 3-5 min. to bring out their earthy, cumin-y, oniony and black peppery notes.
Founded in 1957, The Spice House @thespicehouse is a purveyor of fine spices, herbs, and blends to Michelin-star chefs + home cooks alike. They grind + blend their small-batch spices weekly to ensure freshness + superior flavor. And now, you can get The Spice House’s @thespicehouse quality products in their new flatpack design! This will change the way you buy and store dried spices and herbs. Reuse + refill your spice jars from the new flatpacks to reduce consumer waste. Or just store the flatpacks the way they arrived–they stand up on their own and reseal tightly. To make things even more appealing, flatpacks always ship free–with no minimum purchase–so you can easily make an order, especially when you’re running low on a favorite spice. You can also explore and experiment with new spices whenever inspiration hits, without committing to a full-sized jar!
Check out my story and tap the link in my bio to see all the options from around the world, from ajowan seeds to herbes de Provence, from lavender buds, all sorts of peppercorns to za’atar. And better yet, try them out in the new flatpacks! They always ship for free–even just one pack! #myspicestory.



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