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Isn’t our home beautiful? in light of #InternationalClimateDay I just wanted t…

Isn’t our home beautiful?  in light of  #InternationalClimateDay I just wanted t…


Isn’t our home beautiful? ? in light of #InternationalClimateDay I just wanted to drop by and share some of my thoughts on climate change and how it’s affecting this planet.
Our planet has provided us with everything we have now. As a single individual you’d sometimes feel like your actions are insignificant—but think about the collective impact we can make by working together. I’m by no means an expert but I did learn a lot from my Marine Science and Geology professors. I want to also use this platform to discuss pressing issues that threaten our future on this planet, especially for my generation. First is of course the obvious increase in the global temperatures that we experience. Ice caps are calving and species are losing their homes. We also experience more severe climate phenomena such as stronger typhoons that can lead to storm surges, landslides, and a lot of casualties. Coral bleaching is becoming more frequent, leaving corals with shorter time to recover. This will also of course disrupt the natural balance of the ecosystem for marine life when reef systems die, since they depend on these for food and protection. As for us humans, we can be facing droughts and there can also be more climate refugees such as the case in Kiribati who lost their lands due to rising sea levels.
Climate change is a pressing issue, even if some claim it’s a natural process. It’s a process that has been sped up because of our actions. Let’s not take for granted the time we have on this earth because at the rate we’re going, we may not have a lot. Looking back at these photos I took, I thought to myself how beautiful this planet is. If we don’t try to change how things are we may no longer see these in the years to come. Our children may never see nor experience its beauty. But there’s always of course hope especially if we strive to protect what’s left on this planet we call our home. ??
(Fact: besides food, I like taking photos of plants and flowers ? )



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