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Hiii everyone! I’m back from vacation, which means I’m back to sharing photos of…


Hiii everyone! I’m back from vacation, which means I’m back to sharing photos of my food, and back to eating…. pretty much the exact same stuff I ate before I was on vacation ?‍♀️ Definitely no ‘detoxes’ going on around here, despite eating pretty much anywhere and everywhere for the past 8 days ✨.
To be honest, my eating habits actually don’t change TOO drastically when I’m on vacation. Sure, I might be eating fried food, packaged food, or dessert slightly more often than when I’m at home, but realistically it’s not a dramatic change. This is because I don’t restrict myself at any time, whether I’m preparing for, enjoying, or coming back from vacation ??.
What I’m trying to say is there’s no ‘wagon’ to fall off of. There’s no ‘track’ to get back on to. I eat what I want when I want it ?? Sure, that means that I tend to eat whole, plant-based foods most often, but I allow myself to have dessert, chips, packaged food, etc. whenever I want, which over the course of a week, month, year, etc probably ends up being about 20% of the time. This is food freedom. This is listening to my body. This is what works for ME ✨
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