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Crisped + spiced ground lamb with crispy-creamy warmed chickpeas, and sweet roas…


Crisped + spiced ground lamb with crispy-creamy warmed chickpeas, and sweet roasted watermelon radishes, served with toasted pine nuts, lemon, olive oil, parsley, urfa pepper and date syrup to tie everything together.
Serves 2-ish. Roast a couple quartered watermelon radishes at 400ºF for about 10-15 min or until softened. They will lose their radish-y bite and sweeten a bit. Remove from oven and keep warm. Meanwhile in a small pan, warm some olive oil on med-low and add in one 14 oz. can of drained, rinsed, patted-dry chickpeas. Put on the back burner and stir occasionally. Some chickpeas may take on color and become slightly crispy while some may remain soft + creamy. A mix of textures is good! Keep cooking them low and slow while you cook the lamb.
Heat up some neutral oil in a carbon steel pan on med-high heat. When oil is slightly smoking, carefully add in ½ lb. of ground lamb, flatten with spatula so most of the surface area is touching the pan. Add 1 crushed garlic and 1 tsp cumin seed on top of the lamb; cook for about 3-4 minutes until bottom of lamb is golden brown and looks crisped. Break up meat into small pieces with the spatula and turn to cook the other side. The cumin seeds + garlic will crisp and brown a bit as well. Everything will splatter-y so be careful!
To serve: divide warmed chickpeas between bowls and scatter on the ground lamb. Top with reserved roasted watermelon radishes, your preferred amount of toasted pine nuts, minced parsley, lots of lemon juice + olive oil. Sprinkle everything with smoky urfa pepper and drizzle date syrup all over. Season with salt to taste, serve with more date syrup, lemon and olive oil at the table.



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