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Bigeye tuna (ahi), coated with za’atar and sesame seeds, quickly seared, then se…


Bigeye tuna (ahi), coated with za’atar and sesame seeds, quickly seared, then served with a tangy parsley + preserved lemon dressing, torn Castelvetrano olives and a generous pour of aromatic + spicy Laudemio Frescobaldi Tuscan extra virgin olive oil @FrescobaldiVini (#ad). Find the tuna recipe in the comments!
For 30 generations, the Frescobaldi family @FrescobaldiVini has combined tradition, experience, innovation and the pursuit of excellence to bring you the Laudemio Frescobaldi–unique, emerald-green and robust. In the Middle Ages, ‘laudemio’ meant the best part of the harvest, destined for the lord’s table. Today, @FrescobaldiVini shares with you the Laudemio Frescobaldi: the highest expression of extra virgin olive oil and the true quintessence of the fragrances and flavors of the Tuscan hills. The 2019 harvest is the benchmark of the typical aromas of Tuscany: freshly-mown grass, artichoke heart and green olive notes. In October, the olives are picked early in the ripening season, just when they’re blushing from green to purple, to capture the emerald-green color and fresh flavors; they are always pressed within a few hours from the harvest. The Frescobaldi family @FrescobaldiVini owns the olive mill that produces its Laudemio, and only the finest extra virgin olive oil is selected to become Laudemio Frescobaldi. #LaudemioFrescobaldi #EmeraldTouch



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