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BANANA FREE + NUT FREE vegan nicecream from @mymeatlessmeals ⠀ RECIPE⠀ • 3 cans…


BANANA FREE + NUT FREE vegan nicecream from @mymeatlessmeals ? ⠀
• 3 cans of FULL FAT coconut milk* (Use 2 cans of just the coconut cream and 1 whole can of coconut milk)⠀
• 1/4 cup cornstarch⠀
• 1/4 cup organic sugar⠀
• 1/8 tsp Himalayan salt⠀
• 1 can pumpkin purée • 1/2 cup cocoa powder⠀
• 1/2 cup vegan chocolate syrup ✨⠀
1. In a large pot or sauce pan, add melted coconut cream from 2 cans and 1 full can of coconut milk. Reserve 1/4 cup of coconut milk in a separate bowl. ⠀
2. Add cornstarch to the reserved coconut milk and mix well.⠀
3. In the pot or sauce pan, add sugar and salt to the rest of the coconut cream, without heating it up- whisk until the sugar has fully dissolved.⠀
4. Add the cornstarch mixture to the pot and stir or whisk until well combined. ⠀
5. Put the pot on low heat and whisk/ stir until the mixture becomes a paste as shown in the video- this is to make sure the cornstarch is cooked and safe for consumption. Once the mixture reaches that consistency, remove from heat and allow to cool for about 10-15 minutes. ⠀
6. Add the coconut mixture to a blender, followed by pumpkin purée, cocoa powder, and vegan chocolate syrup. ⠀
7. Blend for about 5 minutes on high. This is to make the consistency of the nicecream light and therefore more pleasant. ⠀
8. Transfer to a container and freeze overnight. ⠀
9. Cut the frozen treat into small cubes before putting them all back in a blender. Blend until you get that smooth creamy consistency. ⠀
10. Pop the nicecream back in the freezer (if you want to be able to scoop it as shown in the video) for at least 12 hours OR transfer it to a bowl right away. ⠀
11. Indulge. ???




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