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Are there bulk food stores near you? Package-free food shopping is not something…


Are there bulk food stores near you? Package-free food shopping is not something I get to do often, especially when in Manila because we don’t have a lot bulk stores. Because of this, not everyone has the same option to shop in bulk and package-free because bulk food stores are not easily accessible for a lot of people. We’re all working towards something and buying package-free items to reduce our waste may not be on the top of our list, which is totally understandable. I try to get as much products as I can package-free but I myself still purchase packaged goods because not all the items I need can be purchased package-free, especially back in the Philippines.

To my Manila friends, I know shopping package-free can be really, really tricky. So much of our produce in groceries are wrapped in unnecessary plastic. At the same time, bulk food stores aren’t at all common. Yet I’m seeing sections in certain grocery stores where you can get your own rice, beans, dried fruit, and nuts, which is great—and they allow you to use your own containers or pouches too, you just have to ask!

Anyway, I felt like a kid in a candy store when I walked into a huge bulk food store. There were so many options—from the usual nuts and dried fruit to snacks such as chips and pretzels. There was also a pet food section and part to freshly grind your own nut butter! I hope that eventually we’d have more bulk food stores of this scale in Manila because I saw so many people just shopping for what they needed instead of purchasing pre-packed items that often come in huge sizes that you might not necessarily all need.

Also happy I got to use my own containers since sadly they provide plastic bags to put your goods in. Couldn’t take my jars with me since they were too heavy to pack all the way from Manila so I took with me some pouches and of course my @stasherbag @stasherph ✨



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