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what’s one of your favourite items to reuse? Mine are probably jars. I wanted t…


♻️ what’s one of your favourite items to reuse? Mine are probably jars. I wanted to talk about this topic, especially with the concept of living sustainably and using more sustainable options that’s been popping up here and there, because I see so many of these reusable items you could purchase to get you started on a “more sustainable” lifestyle but let’s be real: they can cost a lot of money and the most sustainable option is to use what you already have.
These are some jars I have that I’ve accumulated over the years. Some are old peanut butter and tomato sauce jars, while some used to contain pastries from christmas gifts. They came different shapes and sizes; some are still sticky from the stickers they previously had on (some I couldn’t even get out); some have plastic lids—yet they all work perfectly and fit all my needs.
I think one reason we often fall into purchasing something we don’t need (trust me, I’ve had my share of unnecessary purchases) is because of the want to fit a certain aesthetic. This is the part where social media can be dangerous because of the images we see that are instilled in our heads that lead us to think that we need certain items to fit into that “norm”. And in the recent months I’ve grown more and more aware of how companies would often create a desirable lifestyle to get us to purchase something we don’t necessarily need in or lives. 
I’m still learning along the way but this is one of the things I’m glad that I’m slowly coming to terms with—that I already have enough and from here I want to be more conscious of purchasing what I really need instead of what I think I need because of what I see other people using. Though of course, we all are entitled to our choices so let’s respect those of others. At the same time, I know how privileged I am to have the time and energy to think about these things and make certain adjustments in my life. 
Just some Monday thoughts. Hope you all have a great month ahead! 
Oh and from top left to right: brown adlai, rice, goji berries, mung beans, homemade vegan parm, raisins, cacao nibs, curry powder, cardamom, coco nectar, cumin, szechuan peppers, baking and dragonfruit powder



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