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Sunflowers remind me of hope. At the same time they remind me of graduation beca…


Sunflowers remind me of hope. At the same time they remind me of graduation because every year in June, sunflowers are planted along the main road in the university I went to in time for the graduates. In these past few weeks after graduation, I had to take a step back and assess myself. I’m at the crossroads in my life. All my college life I’ve been so used to being busy that I overlooked my health and just kept going. I was juggling my time between classes, org work, running this passion of mine, and working part time all the while trying to allot time for my friends, family, and myself. It’s only now that I’m no longer in school that I had more time to really assess where I was and how I was doing. There’s really so much pressure from society and even family to do better and excel so early on.
Hard work has always been instilled in me and because of this I’ve gotten so accustomed to being productive and trying to forge a path for myself early on. Yet at the same time, I feel that I’m so used to working all the time that I’ve overlooked my own self. Two weeks ago, I underwent some tests to finally figure out what was wrong with my right wrist, which was tight and sometimes painful for over a year now. I found out I had mild carpal tunnel on both my hands. I thought that was that but I also have an inflamed tendon and tear in my right wrist, which will be needing treatment and possibly some injections if it doesn’t improve through treatment. My doctors have advised me to get some rest, especially for my right wrist, so I’ve had to stop doing anything strenuous on my hands—such as rock climbing (which really bothers me)—but it’s also in this time that have reminded me to take care of myself.
It’s reminded me that it’s okay not to be productive all the time. It’s okay to spend time watching your favourite movies and just really enjoying it instead of working while watching a movie (which I almost always did during my college years). It’s okay not to be as ‘successful’ and established as other people your age. It’s okay to take some time off to focus on yourself.
Not really sure where this is going but I hope you’re having a great week so far ✨



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